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Bullet Shorts – Branding

Our first job was to create a brand new look for fighting gear named Bullet. Client’s wish was to follow looks and approach of popular brands such as Venum, Everlast, Tapout etc.

We came up with an idea to find a clean and sharp font which resembles Western movie signs, as well as integrate an arc wrap into it like all the other brands in this industry. Another element was the symbol, which was originally conceived as a bullet in combination with letter “B”, but we abandoned the idea in favor of combining a bullet hole with letter “B” since bullet hole conveys the idea of a blast, hit, strength, something powerful.

Second port was design for boxing shorts, gloves and water bottles. We made a pretty good job of using already created elements as well as building a new one with bullet theme. We also relied on some fresh, strong colors of green, blue, red and yellow for model color variations.