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Landing your first job in the development industry

As one of the current leading industries across the globe, development industry is rather attractive for people from various backgrounds to start delving into. There is a vast resource of websites on the internet currently from where you can learn how to program. Most importantly though, the clients do place more emphasis on your practical skills first and foremost, and are rather interested in what have you made before so that they can take a look at it and assess whether you’re the right person for the job. What can you do to gain more practical experience? Do you want to start a career in a company?

Companies today offer programs to people who want to learn, some even offer a paycheck while you’re learning at the company, depending if the company has the resources, they see talent in you and the required staff to dedicate the time to help you out in the time of need. Finding those companies can be difficult if the region you’re in currently is in need of programming staff for the company. The upside to this, programmers are needed all over the globe and if you work hard enough and learn the required skills, you can possibly even consider moving to another country. So, how could you get in touch with such companies?

  • By networking – get in touch with people who are already in the industry and talk to them, learn from them and see where their companies stand today and what do they offer and how they treat their employees
  • Via community – by visiting professional conferences and talking to people and asking them the right questions, visiting websites that are currently updated constantly with job positions and see what they are currently looking for in a employee
  • By finding recruiting agencies and hearing what the job market is looking for currently mostly and seeing the job adverts they have. Times do change and so does the needs of modern companies, maybe they can offer you a solid piece of advice, possibly ask them for their impression of you and see whether you give up a wrong impression at a job interview?

You should always ask yourself, where do I stand now? What is the current industry standard in my field? Do I have enough knowledge in the given area or do I need to improve myself?

Make something, be it a simple calculator, small website, presentation, video game, a small app while thinking through the process of how you approach things. By learning both theoretically and applying such knowledge you will always have a better understanding and learn more through the challenges that you deal with. Add that to your portfolio and make your CV stand out from the crowd and start sending those and see where you stand with the companies of today.

Let go of your ego and find a mentor and be personable. It is perfectly fine to make mistakes. If your system doesn’t allow making mistakes, you will never truly learn and improve yourself since you will be stuck doing the same thing over and over again until you find out that the technology has advanced and changed so much that your knowledge becomes irrelevant at some point. Making mistakes is possibly one of the most important parts of learning as is remembering them, so that they do not repeat.

Talking to a person who is more experienced can and will help you improve your understanding of technologies drastically as well. This person went through everything you will eventually go through and his advice can save you a lot of time reading and scrolling through tons of (and sometimes outdated even) information on the web.

Keep sending the CV’s and keep working hard and stay focused on the end goal. Learn how to talk to people, how to be properly responsible by finishing your tasks and never forgetting to have a good time while doing it. There will always be ups and downs when coding or working in general, your reaction to them is the only reason why you’re not pushing through to your goal.

You will work in a team oriented environment and you will have to communicate with people from various backgrounds and understand what information they might need in their position, try to listen and try to pass the information they might need in such cases, you always have to give, to receive anything back and in a team oriented enviroment this is how everything keeps it together.

Believe in yourself. You can do it and you will do it if you stay persistent enough and keep working on yourself first and foremost. And lastly and most importantly, teach what you’ve learned and you will cement the knowledge while doing a good deed for a person you truly care about and who will appreciate it and truly is interested in what you know.
Good luck job hunting!